Let AutoEye drive your production line!

LeMatic’s ground breaking line of vision products can be tailored to ensure quality, collect product data, and monitor critical points throughout the production process.

Plus, AutoEye plays well with others! By being fully networkable, AutoEye gives your line “Adaptive Intelligence” by analyzing real time product data to optimize control.

AutoEye Single Lane


Model AE1200

Integrating Vision Into Automation

  • Monitors & tracks product characteristics for size, shape, & color
  • Identifies & removes undesirable product
  • Can even segregate rejected products
  • Operates at speeds exceeding 300 ppm
  • Integration with LeMatic’s data collection solution makes detailed analysis of per-piece quality a snap
  • Plenty of networking options to get information where you need it
AutoEye Process Control


Model AE5000

Eliminate Bad Products Before They Disrupt Production!

  • Industrial vision system looks for a variety of product flaws
  • Statistical information is displayed locally & can be communicated to a process control system
  • Undesirable product is removed by active rejection fingers while not disturbing good product
  • In the event of a breakdown, a dump chute at the infeed can divert all product can be customized to handle a wide range of products

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