AutoOp’s State-of-the-Art Vision-Guided Robotics Can Be Fully Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

  • Automatically orient & distribute product evenly into lanes
  • Improve product consistency for your customers
  • Reject substandard product
  • Integrate easily with higher-level control & information systems
  • Counts, groups, & sorts conveyorized product for most packaging requirements
  • High-speed picking, packing, & palletizing
AutoOp English Muffin Line


AutoOp & AutoEye Working Together as Integral Parts of a Complete Forking, Inspection, & Packaging System

  • AutoEye® Inspection System
  • Single Filing Muffin Conveyor
  • Emergency Product Dump
  • AutoEye® Top & Bottom Inspection
  • AutoOp® Muffin Tray Loading System
Basket Loading


Basket Loading Made Fast & Easy!

  • Save labor costs by utilizing integrated robotics, eliminating manual packing
  • Let us determine what robotic features would work best in your line

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