Harness the ingenuity of LeMatic’s R&D and engineering teams. Upgrades to your equipment offer smart solutions that can increase your productivity.


Fully Integrated Into Your Bakery Line

Monitor any bakery with LeMatic’s integrated Camera and DVR Systems that allow you to view locally from the plant or off-site and get real-time visibility. Or, with recordable video, look back in time to review operation history Adding a camera not only provides greater insight into line productivity, it saves valuable time and travel expenses.

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Limits Product Lane Back Pressure

Plagued by lane back-ups and inaccurate product counts? LeMatic’s fully-adjustable Independent Hold-Downs keep a variety of products under control, avoiding costly down time on your slicing line. Additionally, they can be configured to any slicing machine, even our competitor’s.

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Improved Roll Handling

Easier and more sanitary operation makes LeMatic’s Film Spindle upgrade a must-have for your high-capacity packaging system. Using your existing air supply, pneumatic film bladders inflate to keep rolls in place, and deflate for much easier roll replacement.

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For Your Bulk Packaging System

LeMatic’s versatile Seal and Cut options allow you to separate most any bulk-packaged product into separate sealed sections, keeping unused product fresh and reducing product waste for the end-user. Talk to a LeMatic Sales Professional about the options available for your equipment.

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For Your Bulk Packaging System

LeMatic Airless Band Seals are a result of customer input and a calculated move toward sustainability initiatives.

Utilizing the latest technology available and our desire to provide the best sealed packages in the industry, LeMatic has added Airless Band Seals to our feature list on bulk packers.  By implementing a continuous heated band through our newly designed side seal assemblies, clients can now run smooth seals in line with product (Side, Middle, Dual, Center) while not consuming compressed air.

LeMatic continues to focus on new innovation while supporting our equipment in operation around the world.  With that focus, these units will be retrofittable to most all bulk packers already out there packaging for our customers.

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